Those who live within the boundaries of the Parish of Wimbledon are welcome to be married at St Matthew’s, and a new relaxing of the regulations surrounding marriage in church mean that others may also celebrate this Sacrament in St Matthew’s Church. Preparation for marriage involves a focus on the communication skills required to build a lifelong, honest and trusting relationship. There is a fee for the wedding service which covers the use of the church, legal costs, organist and time taken for preparation. It is helpful to discuss dates for potential weddings at least six months in advance.

If you live in the vicinity of St Matthew’s but are getting married in an Anglican church elsewhere you will need to have your banns read at St Matthew’s. Please contact the Vicar, or introduce yourself at a Sunday service, to arrange to have this done. Banns must be completed before you can be legally wed in church so please don’t leave this until the last minute! There is a small statutory fee for the banns certificate.