In baptism (or Christening) an adult or child is welcomed into the family of the church. Anyone living within the boundaries of the Parish of Wimbledon is welcome to be baptised at St Matthew’s. Alternatively, if you don’t live within the parish but attend the church regularly, we will be very happy to consider you for baptism.

There is no charge for a baptism service: it is a gift of love and acceptance from a generous God. Because baptism is a service of welcome into the church community we do not undertake private ceremonies. All baptisms are celebrated within the context of a main church service, usually on a Sunday morning.

Please don’t be put off by this: we are used to making people feel welcome and families always enjoy the service even if they are not regular churchgoers. If you would like to discuss baptism please contact the Vicar before your family makes travel arrangements as a particular date cannot be guaranteed.